About Aria Property Management

ARIA Property Management is a customized property management service company whose goal is to match an ARIA Home™ to relocating professionals and their individual endeavors to find the perfect house for themselves and their treasured families. Our approach to property management is as unique as each individual home, the home owner that love them, or the tenants that are looking to rent them. ARIA Property Management is owned and managed by Taghi Azizi. Prior to starting ARIA, Taghi worked in the computer industry for over 20 years as a senior program manager; managing multimillion dollar project for companies, such as, Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems. He understands how corporations function and the level of professionalism is required.

The ARIA Home™ Standard

ARIA Home™ are homes that are handpicked and elevated in to a quality that meet the high standards of our clientéle. Location, school, neighborhood, price range and size are all chosen to best fit our clientele’s family, personal tastes and lifestyle.

Match Making Specialists

A bear’s cave is not the same as a sparrow’s nest. Each individual has a different definition of what a home is and what is best for their family. At ARIA, this is our realization and our mission; matching ARIA Homes with professionals from around the world and completing their relocation on a happy note.

We Partner with All Major Corporations

At ARIA we understand the corporate policy, process and complexities involved in relocating their employees. Our established working relationships and history help us to work efficiently with both management and their employees to help make sure the experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.